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Just when it seemed like science finally produced unanimous agreement – that is, everybody loves Cosmos! – along comes a dissenter to challenge that consensus.

As first reported by Raw Story, Danny Faulkner, an astronomer who works for the Christian ministry Answers in Genesis and its Kentucky-based Creation Museum, criticized the popular series and its host, Neil DeGrasse Tyson for failing to include an opportunity for creationists to make their case for humankind’s faith-based origins.

Speaking Thursday on The Janet Mefferd Show, Faulkner challenged the program’s “evolutionary bias” and its close-minded attitudes about a possible divine influence in creating the universe.

“Creationists aren’t even on the radar screen for them,” Faulker said. “They wouldn’t even consider us plausible at all.”

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Faulkner suggested that Tyson’s close-minded attitudes about creationism violate his own observations about the variety of possibilities that are available, and should be considered, in regards to scientific theory. “I was struck in the first episode where [Tyson] talked about science and how, you know, all ideas are discussed, you know, everything is up for discussion,” he explained.

“I thought to myself, ‘No, consideration of special creation is definitely not open for discussion, it would seem’.”

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Tyson pre-emptively addressed these concerns in a March 10 interview in which he castigated the media for its “equal time” approach to coverage of various issues, including climate change. “I think the media has to sort of come out of this ethos that I think was in principle a good one, but doesn’t really apply in science,” Tyson said.

“The ethos was, whatever story you give, you have to give the opposing view, and then you can be viewed as balanced,” he said. “[But] you don’t talk about the spherical earth with NASA and then say let’s give equal time to the flat-earthers.”

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