Jewad Hayih, a cashier in Pittsburgh, is one dude you do not want to f**k with.

Two armed criminals dressed in ninja outfits entered Mr. Hayih’s convenience store in an attempt to rob the place last Friday.

What the pair of shit-stains didn’t expect was that Mr.Hayih would fight back with a blade 10 times the size of an elephants dick!

The store worker didn’t seem phased by the ordeal and was happy to discuss the event with CBC News.

He said: “I used this one (reveals absurdly large sword) … the other one he come in to attack me from here, and I attack him like that, I touch his sword and it fall.”

Mr.Hayih then proceeded to chase the two douche bags out of the shop – all of which can be seen on the video clip below.

What an awesome but crazy dude! Luckily he’s a man of principle because he also informed CBC News that he has a gun.

“I have this gun and I can use it,” he explained.

Mr Hayih, we salute you – but please, be careful man!

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