A while back Shia LaBeouf posted one of the weirdest ever motivational videos on the net.

It featured the Hollywood actor ranting away in crackpot-style and urging fans to ‘just do it!”

Now, in a genius and simple prank, the team from ‘Whatever’ decided to go around town with a “faulty” set of headphones whilst playing Shia’s clip.

After carefully selecting quiet locations such as libraries and elevators, one of the guys went out with his mobile phone on full volume so that everything could be heard loud and clear.

He then plays the absurd clip which starts off with LaBeouf screaming “DO IT!!! JUST DO IT!”. The reactions are priceless. The motivational speech continues with: “Don’t let your dreams be dreams. Yesterday, you said tomorrow. So JUST DO IT!!!”

Watch the hilarious prank below. PS – check out just how funny the elevator scenes are!

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