A hilarious viral video features one of the cruellest pranks we’ve seen – after a crazy dude apparently super-glued his partner’s butt to a toilet seat!

It’s not the sort of behaviour that we’d encourage here at Ginger Clam HQ but we gotta admit the results are kinda funny.

The action kicks off when a guy called John smears glue over the throne and then waits for his partner Nikki to creep in for a crap.

At first we wondered it was a fake, judging by the reaction of Nikki we’re not so sure. It first went live on April 1 but it’s still going strong on social media. Watch it below and decide for yourself.

Nikki storms: “I didn’t want the whole internet to know that I poop.”

Later she holds up what appears to be a piece of gluey skin and moans: “That just came off my butt check.”

Quality stuff.

* If you love crazy shit then head to BattleCam.com, the anti-social network where there are thousands great videos plus live TV.

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