This is one video that never ceases to make us piss our pants with laughter.

Imagine you’re some old dude enjoying the sunshine on a park bench when up pops a hot babe who proceeds to eat a banana whilst staring you in the eye in a seductive manner.

And we’re not just talking a polite nibble on a dainty piece of fruit. We’re talking a long, slow suck on a serious piece of nature’s finest (enough to make a proverbial tennis ball disappear up a garden hose).

That’s what happened to the unsuspecting victims in this hilarious video from DM Prankswhich Ginger Clam is pleased to add to our Hall of Fame  of Classic Prank Videos.

The reactions of the guys are priceless – one dude actually seems to get a boner in the park. The funny footage first surfaced several years ago but it just gets better and better with age.

The video is worth every one of the 20 million plays it’s attracted. Watch and enjoy!

* Meanwhile if you like crazy shit then head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos plus live interactive TV.

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