Lovebirds Katy ‘where’s my husband?’ Perry and Orlando ‘where’s my wife?’ Bloom have caused a sensation at Coachella with some serious public lovin’.

The starry couple have been hitting it since January but it seems there is still plenty of fuel left in the tank.

During a performance from band The Kills, an eagle-eyed fan spotted some serious tongue action from the pair. The witness told E! that the KO ‘were kissing and very much a couple’. Whatever the feck that means.

California’s Coachella Festival is often the spot where celebs behave their naughtiest so Clam is delighted that the couple were keeping up tradition.

Another source told E!:

‘Katy and Orlando hung out at the festival in a large group and that they ‘looked happy’ and ‘were very close.’

Which is hardly a buffing session in an open-top corvette, but it’s a start.

‘Orlando was behind (Katy) and swaying with her to the music,’ the source said.

So he may well have slipped in his little weener.

The couple have previously tried their best to hide the relationship, they even rocked up separately at a charity bash in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

However, there is no fooling Ginger Clam. These two are hot to trot and we expect it to last. The two most boring humans on the planet have found each other. Let us rejoice.

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