Conan O’Brien and Walking Dead star Steven Yeun have been travelling round some risky places of late and in the video below the guys host the first ever late night talk show in none other than the DMZ (demilitarized zone)- the place which separates North and South Korea- nutters!

You would have thought Conan would have been slightly more reserved than usual but he had the Ginger Clam HQ in stitches when ripping into soldiers/security dudes, here’s what he said about the guards across the border in North Korea:

“He’s probably freaking out because he recognises both of us, he’s a huge Walking Dead and team coco fan … that guy is shovelling, shovelling lies.”

In fairness to the daring TV host he continued to poke fun at everyone else, particularly one dude because of his racey dress sense: “Can I just say you’re the best dressed solider I’ve ever seen in my life, you look like a Janet Jackson back up dancer.

“Sir you do realise you’re wearing sunglasses indoors, in a snow storm.” The guard awkwardly responded claiming everyone else is doing so, to which Conan bounced back with: “Okay I guess if I jumped off a bridge you would as well. Sorry this probably isn’t the time or the place for my quips.”

After being told he wasn’t allowed to go behind the guard at the back of the room, Conan joked: “This is crazy, we’ve just been told not to touch this man or go behind him, which is usually my rule with any man.”

The guys proceeded to kick off the show there and then and even tried getting one of the guards involved but unsurprisingly he flat out ignored them- tough crowd.

If Conan ever returns to North Korea we think he should take Miley Cyrus with him… and leave her there.

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