You might be asking yourself, what the f*** is a gender free orgasm? Watch the footage below and find out… or you’ll be even more confused.

The video shows Caitlyn Jenner and friends on her TV show ‘I am Cait’ on E! attending an intimate session whereby Barbara (the teacher) got the group’s juices flowing.

The crazy lady said: “Welcome to ‘how to have a gender free orgasm… an orgasm without genitals, so you can just kind of mentally chuck your genitals at the door but when you leave please be careful and remember to pick up your own.”

Babs claimed it wasn’t as weird as it sounds but then went on to say some real bizarre hippie shit: “I want you to imagine an orgy in your mind… 4 people or more… you can have Martians in your orgy.

“You’re going to make all the moans and groans of all the characters in your porn film.”

To be fair to Caitlyn she thought it was just as f***ed up as we did, she questioned her involvement saying: “What the hell am I doing?” Thank goodness she felt this way, we didn’t fancy seeing a boner with boobs.

Since then it’s been reported in the Daily Mirror that Caitlyn doesn’t know whether or not to get rid of her ding dong! Maybe the workshop has had more of an affect on her than she first realised and now feels closer to her weapon.

The former Olympian said: “The last six months of my life have been really enlightening. But one thing I’m really not comfortable with is this issue of gender confirmation surgery.”

So the big question now is, willy stay or willy go?

* Watch the video below but make sure you have your headphones in. In the meantime log onto where there are hundreds of TV channels to watch for FREE.

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