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Everyone’s favorite member of the British Royal Family, Prince Harry, has once again done something that by normal person standards would be deemed distinctly un-noteworthy, but by royal person standards would probably be described by some as “rather unsavory and appealingly daring.” He’s twerked.

Yes, after being pictured yawning at the wedding of Guy Pelly, 32, and Lizzy Wilson, 31 in Memphis, (sidenote: your life is hell if you yawning warrants a newspaper mention) some highly reputable sources that nobody can be bothered to track down (because, really, why bother?) confirmed that Harry later spent quite literally THE WHOLE of the wedding reception twerking away while his older brother, Prince William, joined the backing band to belt out some motown hits.

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Said band’s frontman would later say: “It’s the wildest party I’ve ever played.” We can imagine it was, oh nameless frontman.

The band’s frontman also added, “Oh man, they wouldn’t let us stop. They kept saying ‘play another’. Prince William said he wished we could play for another three hours. They were having a ball. I was really shocked by William.”

The source also said all of this:

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“Harry hit the floor pretty much as soon as the band started playing and was twerking into the early hours. He and Prince William seemed just like genuine guys. They had a blast.”

29 year old Harry has spent the past week in the states, having just split up with girlfriend Cressida Bonas, who I’m sure we can all agree has a ridiculous name. Silly name aside, however, since Harry’s been partying across Miami and Memphis, Bonas has appeared in a few slightly sad looking pictures in grey London, having turned down her own invitation to the shindig on account of the pair’s break up. Who can blame her – who wants to go to a wedding after a messy break up, especially when the person you’ve broken up with is a prince? AM I RIGHT?

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