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Jenna Marbles dressed up as Miley Cyrus to bake an angel food cake in her newest video — and it’s so true to life we thought this was the real deal.

Marbles has Cyrus’s accent down pat. That, coupled with the weird hairdo and red lipstick, means Marbles is actually Miley’s doppleganger — and we’re not sure how we feel about it.

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Marbles’ male video companion, Julien Solomita, made a cameo as Cyrus’ dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, and made a point to take advantage of every opportunity he could to take shots at Cyrus’ intelligence and controversies.

While Marbles talks about separating egg yolks from the egg whites, Billy Ray interjects, “Just like how you separated Robin Thicke from his wife?”

Too soon? Marbles said yes in the video but we think the timing was just right.

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The one-liners continue when Billy Ray says he’ll add dry ingredients to the eggs, “nice and slow, like the speed your brain works at.” Eventually Billy Ray gets frustrated and tells Marbles to hurry up because his show is on at 11. When Marbles asks what show it is he responds, “It’s called Resurrection. Have you ever heard of it? It’s about your career.”

We’re pretty convinced Marbles has it out for Cyrus, despite her disclaimer at the end where she proclaims her love for the pop singer.

With he cake finally complete, Marbles digs in as Billy Ray throws in his last one-liner, “There’s not a lot of substance to this cake, kind of like your music.” It’s here that we became sure that a Jenna Marbles – Miley Cyrus feud is on the horizon with this video as Marbles’ first punch. We’re guessing Cyrus will respond by doing something ridiculous on the next date of her Bangerz tour, the only problem is that Marbles won’t notice because ridiculous is the story of Miley’s life.

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