Pop star Miley Cyrus spent 2013 twerking, faux-masturbating with a foam finger and being naked a lot. Now that she’s embarked on the tour for Bangerz, the album that spawned megahits “Wrecking Ball” and “We Can’t Stop,” we’re wondering just how scandalous the singer can be when she’s on her own terms, and not just packing all the shock into one performance on an awards show.

As it turns out, predictably tawdry. Here are the highlights:

1. High-Cut Marijuana Onesie: Cyrus combines her love of smoking weed with her love of wearing clothing that barely meets FCC standards.

2. Re-enacting the Monica Lewinksky scandal: At one patriotic point, Miley pantomimes fellating a dancer in a suit and Bill Clinton mask.

3. Riding around on a giant hot dog: We don’t really have to ressurrect Dr. Freud to get the phallic nuances of riding around on a 20-foot wiener, right?

4. Touching herself… again: Frankly, it would be a surprise if she didn’t do this at least once.

5. Bondage Images: a video that opened the concerned showed Cyrus in a series of bondage-themed images to the track “Fitzplesaure” by Alt-J.

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