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For many people, summer is better known as festival and concert season. 2014 is a big year for big shows, some of which will never be seen on stage again. The summer months are perfect for tailgating in the parking lot, paying for overpriced food inside and sweating through the $30 t shirt you just bought from the merch stand, all for that perfect moment when you get to see your favorite band hit the stage. For those who are familiar with the circuit, or for those who have yet to join in on the fun, here’s 5 summer tours worth quitting your job to follow.

Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper – The Final Tour

Once and for all, the original bad boys of heavy metal are calling it quits, but not before one last go around the world. As announced in January, the Crüe are bowing out while at the top of their game, and signed a cessation of touring agreement preventing them from coming back in the future. The Final Tour Begins July 2 in Michigan, and features original shock rock superstar Alice Cooper as the opening performance.

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Rockstar Mayhem Festival

Every metalheads dream show hits major cities each summer, with multiple stages and more than enough bands to meet everyone’s tastes. This year’s fest kicks off July 5, with headliners Avenged Sevenfold, Korn, Asking Alexandria and Trivium. Despite the drama between Korn and Revolver Magazine, one of the tours sponsors, the 21-year-old metal band will still be headlining.

Warped Tour

High schooler’s arrive in droves to each Warped Tour date, as the festival seems to have been made for them. 19 years and counting, this tour features unforgettable acts like Less Than Jake, Four Year Strong and Every Time I Die.

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Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden

The 90’s return with two of the decades biggest acts. While some might say this is their way of telling fans that band members are running out of cash and need a quick tour to get their finances straight, we’ll go ahead and say that this is the perfect opportunity to take a trip down memory lane, to a time where overalls and Tamagotchi’s ruled the earth.

Kiss and Def Leppard

Two of rocks biggest bands have teamed up to bring audience members back to a time when big hair, homemade pyrotechnics and spandex were the norm for a concert. While the Crüe may be hanging up their leather pants for good, Kiss and Def Leppard keep the metal spirit alive, especially with this summer’s tour.

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