We’ve all heard that American Apparel ads have toed the line of decency, but with the recent ousting of creepy CEO Dov Charney, we figured we’d check out the ads to see if what went down could have been predicted by everyone who profited off the comany’s M.O..

Unfortunately, it seems like everyone could see this coming miles away.

The company has been slapped on the wrist before by the Advertising Standards Authority for “sexualizing” images of models who look to be below the age of 16. While innovation and forward-thinking is encouraged in the art and advertising world, Charney’s use of underage-looking female models in nude, racy poses is neither of those, and instead of producing smart, sexy ads what we’re given are extra creepy shots that look like they belong in a hidden file on an external hard drive, complete with Charney’s own 70’s pornstar moustache to top it off.

Here’s 10 of the creepiest, NSFW ads Charney has approved for use by American Apparel.

What is this ad even for?

Really though…

Retail gone raunchy.

The creeper-stache appears!

Two girls undressing each other is a great selling strategy.

Good ‘ol ‘Merican flannel.

Why do you want to know how flexible these maybe 12-year-olds are?

We didn’t know being naked was a good way to sell socks.

We know things are a little different in France, but seriously?

Underwear ad, or how-to?

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