With spring comes the beginning of what is known to many as festival season, that time of year when all the big music festivals begin to take over the nation, and with it social media.

Kicking off the season is Coachella, the two-weekend desert extravaganza held in Indio, California that practically every early-twenty-something wants to go to. Anticipation was high this year with headliners including Arcade Fire, Muse and the reunion of Outkast.

In case you couldn’t make it but want to sound like you did, we put together the five best moments from weekend two of Coachella.

1)Ellie Goulding

The ‘Lights’ singer graced the stage, performing in front of a sea of fans who we’re sure were creeping on her Instagram as she documented her Coachella experience all day. We wouldn’t be surprised if some of them tracked her down via photos posted to the web.

2)Pharrell with Jay-Z and Usher

During the first weekend, a sandstorm had Pharrell down, but the ‘Happy’ singer brought his A-game to the stage in weekend two, where he also brought out icons Jay-Z and Usher to perform ‘Excuse Me Miss’ and ‘U Don’t Have To Call’ respectively.

3)Nas with Damien Marley and Lauryn Hill

Rapper Nas brought out Damien Marley and Lauryn Hill for separate collaborations, including Hill’s performance of the Fugee’s ‘Ready or Not’ and a duet of ‘If I Ruled The World (Imagine That)’.

4)Outkast’s Second Performance

While everyone already seems #OverIt when it came to the second weekend at the festival, Outkast’s second set might have been better than the first, as Big Boi told The Hollywood Reporter. “It might be slightly different. What happened was our set got cut by like five songs. We had to cut ‘Player’s Ball’ and ‘Chronomentrophobia’ because of the time constraints. But there’s probably a couple songs [fans] didn’t hear then they’re gonna hear this time.”

5)The Replacements and Billie Joe Armstrong

Following a less-than-perfect first weekend set, punk veterans The Replacements brought out Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong to help them through. With Paul Westerberg having thrown out his back, the frontman performed from a couch as Armstrong took the lead.

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