Musicians Scott Storch and Stanley Enow are working together to not only create impressive beats for the world’s entertainment, but also raise awareness for a worthy cause. Storch, a 8 time Grammy Award-winning record producer, is collaborating with Enow, a Cameroonian rapper, to develop a fantastic Afrobeat sound for the latter’s next album, and is also supporting his Stanley Enow Foundation, with the backing of Swissx.

The duo is selling a El Palucho NFT on Open Sea to assist the foundation, which is a non-profit organization that supports under-privileged children in Cameroon, by providing them with a free education. The Stanley Enow Foundation was established soon after Stanley was invited to be Global Brand Ambassador for UNICEF.

Interested buyers can place a bid by June 18, 2022 at 2:46am EST. It’s currently retailing for $4,000.00. Other exclusive Swissx NFTs are available on, which is the world’s largest NFT market place.

Every time a bear is traded on the market place, the Stanley Enow Foundation receives a 7% donation from the transaction fee of any one of the El Pelucho Bear tokens.

Storch complimented Enow, who’s also a radio and television presenter, voice actor and the co-owner of the record label, Motherland Empire, for the work he does with the Stanley Enow Foundation. The record producer said the rapper “is doing great work with his foundation in Cameroon.

“I’m really proud to be a part of this NFT movement he started. Every time this NFT is traded you’ll be sending money to the mouths and minds of kids in the Cameroon who really need it,” Storch revealed.

“I minted this one! By buying it you can give hope to young people in West Africa and offer them an education that they can truly help then build back a better world!,” the record producer enthusiastically added.

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