Jesus wept, this was a close one!

Some crazy lady from Alabama stumbled across a terrifying snake and instead of shitting herself she decided to goad the vicious reptile!

She said to the poisonous snake: “I’m gonna touch you on the tail and see what you do.” What a nutter, who does she think she is, Harry Potter?

Unsurprisingly the slithering beast was pretty pissed off and gave the woman a vicious warning.

Despite this she persisted to talk to the angry f***er, she added: “Whoah you’re a mean snake, are you a bad snake?”

The reptile replied in dramatic fashion and went to attack her! Luckily the creature narrowly missed the chick but managed to snap her phone away – better that than her hand!

Most people would have been petrified at this point but the deep southerner was just excited about the reaction the video was going to get!

To be fair, since last week the clip has rocked up over 1.3 million views!

* Watch the video below and In the meantime if you like crazy shit head over to– where there are thousands of great clips to choose from, plus live pranks, dares and general mayhem.

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