Two African lions have been shot dead – much to the anger of animal-lovers – after they began mauling a naked man who apparently tried to take his own life by throwing himself into their enclosure.

The shocking scenes were captured on a video shot at a zoo in Santiago, Chile, at the weekend. Horrified visitors watched as the big cats pounced on the 20-year-old man, sinking their claws and teeth into him. Incredibly, the dude survived and is now in hospital.

Officials said that a suicide note was later discovered on his clothing.  The incident has caused controversy on social media because many animal lovers have said it was unfair that the lions should have died.

Whilst being sympathetic to the man, critics have pointed out that the big cats where only doing what nature has programmed them to do.

One commentator told Mail Online: “The zoo should have had strong sedatives for this possibility and they should have acted faster too. It sounds like there was some time between the chap getting into the enclosure and the lions reacting to him. The lions should not have died for this, it was not their fault.”

You can see a video containing images from the incident below (warning contains graphic scenes).  Meanwhile, keep up with live news and entertainment at, where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from.

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