From estranged wife to Head Bitch in Charge, Shelly Sterling has received quite the promotion. In a surprise move that shocked the sports world today, the most hated old white guy in America, Donald Sterling, has appointed the ol’ ball and chain, Shelly, in charge of the team’s sale.

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Less than one week ago, Sterling had refused to back down without a fight. He rejected the $2.5 million fine imposed by the NBA, threatened to sue the league if it followed through with his lifetime ban, and requested a 3-month extension to respond to the NBA’s charges. But apparently if you’re an 80-year-old racist billionaire who got played for a fool by your trick ass ho mistress, you don’t get to make requests. It looked like it was going to be one long, ugly legal battle. The NBA had planned to kick things off on June 3, 3014 with a team owners vote to oust Sterling. But he responded just in the knick of time by putting Shelly at the helm of the team’s sale.

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It’s still unclear if she will be just a puppet in the forced sale negotiations with her husband calling the shots behind the scenes, but it’s a starting point to Sterling relinquishing control. Shelly’s first job as HBIC. is to agree to sell at all and then she gets to say how much she wants to sell. Her lawyers previously stated that she wants to hold on to her 50 percent share of the team. The NBA wants the Sterling family to hand over its Clippers ownership in its entirety.

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