Clippers owner Donald Sterling may want nothing more than to wrap his racist shit in wads of cash and bury it deep in the woods, but that’s definitely not happening any time soon. The world is a lot less tolerant these days of old, racist, white billionaires than it used to be and also a lot more proficient in Photoshop. That’s why we’ve rounded up the five best Donald Sterling racism memes:

blake meme

Clippers all-star Blake Griffin is the son of a redheaded Caucasian mother and Haitian/African-American father. So, according to Sterling’s logic, only his mom can come to the games.

hitler meme

Sterling needs to reconsider his business strategy.

kkk meme

New logo idea?

12 years meme

It’s 2014. Sterling didn’t seem to get the memo.

hoes meme

Sterling’s girlfriend played him big time and might go down in history as the most epic trick ass ho ever.

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