In the glittering world of Hollywood, where lights, cameras, and action blend seamlessly, a darker tale is emerging—one that involves discrimination, personal choices, and the unspoken blacklist affecting the careers of performers like Mr. Kingi.

Meet Mr. Kingi, son of the legendary stuntman Henry Kingi and Emmy-Award-winning actress Lindsay Wagner. A Screen Actors Guild-American Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) member since the tender age of 11, Mr. Kingi has faced rejection not for lack of talent but due to his principled stand against the COVID-19 vaccine.

His journey in the limelight includes memorable roles in “The Book of Boba Fett” and “Stranger Things,” showcasing his prowess in the specialized realm of “creature acting.” Yet, despite SAG-AFTRA’s avowed commitment to the broadest employment and inclusion, Mr. Kingi finds himself on the wrong side of a secretive industry blacklist.

The alleged expiration of the vaccine mandate in May 2023 has not ended the woes for Mr. Kingi and others who share his stance. A shadowy network within movie studios seems to persist in penalizing those who haven’t embraced the vaccine or kept up with the booster schedule.

In a candid revelation, Mr. Kingi expressed his disappointment, stating, “With the union’s overall stance on inclusion, diversity, and anti-discrimination, it’s just disheartening that there’s been no middle ground regarding this issue.”

SAG-AFTRA’s constitution proudly declares its commitment to the broadest employment and involvement of its members, irrespective of factors such as race, political affiliation, and disability. However, Mr. Kingi argues that this commitment doesn’t extend to personal medical decisions.

As the vaccine mandate continues to be enforced, individuals like Mr. Kingi feel the pressure to conform, either by taking the vaccine and booster or resorting to the creation of fake cards just to secure employment in an industry that claims to champion inclusion.

The tale of Mr. Kingi unveils a side of Hollywood that remains hidden behind the glitz and glamour—a place where personal choices can lead to professional exclusion. As debates on vaccine mandates rage on, the entertainment industry grapples with questions of inclusivity, discrimination, and the delicate balance between personal freedom and collective safety.

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