Swissx CEO Alki David and popular rapper Kingcarlx who’s real name is Carl Dawson are working together to help improve the life of a homeless man they spotted sleeping on the street while driving together. The Greek billionaire along with Kingcarlx, felt so bad for the other man’s circumstances that they offered him money and the chance to go to a salon for a hair cut.

The young man was initially in shock when Kingcarlx, who’s also a notable social media personality, first offered him the cash. But at the influencer’s instance, he accepted the money and a ride to the salon. The interaction was so life-changing and meaningful for both men that they almost started to cry.

However, workers at the salon were initially hesitant to accept the homeless man as a client, due in part to his unkempt appearance and not having a mask for COVID-19 protocols. But David and Kingcarlx stepped in on his behalf and convinced the hairdressers to help their new friend.

The two businessmen feel happy to help advocate and support the homeless man, both financially and emotionally. They’re hoping to also inspire their followers into selflessly helping the less fortunate, as well, by posting a video about their charitable act on David’s Instagram page.

The video has already garnered 13,295 views since it premiered on the Swissx CEO’s Instagram account this morning. He and his fellow social media personality are encouraging their followers to comment on the video if they’d like to see a second video that features the homeless man’s complete transformation.

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