As a flurry of “Me Too” civil-lawsuits unfold with Gloria Allred and Lisa Bloom’s prints all over them, eyebrows start to raise at the California State Bar which recently was purged of its sitting Council members. A group of whom were just indicted for bribery and corruption charges.

At the heart of this scandal is Tom Girardi famous for being the key lawyer in the movie Erin Brockovich. Girardi and Allred are both Alumni of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and both have been running an insurance fraud together scam for decades.

A well-known LA Lawyer says “Allred’s MO is to have any complaints of her misconduct batted away by Girardi and his network of corrupt officials. Lisa Bloom, Allred’s daughter like Girardi’s son in law is being indicted for theft and corruption charges linked to Girardi’s own disbarment” However, Girardi is now holed up in a retirement home in LA claiming to have Alzheimer’s and unable to remember anything of the charges of stealing from clients. In this case a group of disabled children.

But some of these of these fake Me Too lawsuits are starting to come undone. Allred and Bloom’s tactics for ensuring a win is to use perjury and obstruction of justice, to coerce witnesses and juries to find their guilty verdicts.

Seems like Time is really up for Lisa Bloom and Gloria Allred who have attempted to coerce witnesses to lie, one too many times.

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