Tom Girardi is the lawyer featured in the movie Erin Brockovich.  Cut to 2022 and Tom Girardi is now disbarred and disgraced. Avoiding the Feds hiding in a retirement home in West LA claiming to have Alzheimer’s, although no medical practitioner, including his own Family Doctor, can confirm.

Girardi’s ex-wife Eryka Jayne of NBC Housewives fame and his once alter-ego Gloria Allred have both totally thrown him under the bus.

Barak Obama, Ron Burkle, Harry Reid, Tom Girardi, Gloria Allred, Ron Burkle Again, Adam Schiff and Kamala Harris

Girardi elevated himself to a place of great trust in the Californian legislature through a brazen wave of bribery and corruption that has been going on for over 50 years.

There is nothing more insidious than an Agent of the US Government purporting to live by codes and ethics who will then abuse and victimize the System they uphold for their own financial gain.

To bully and traffic unwitting members of the public through the Judiciary for which there is little if no policing and endless methods to maim and destroy people in  en-mass.

The stories are crazy beyond fiction. It involves Casino money laundering in Mongolia, reselling of impounded drugs, extortion, blackmail murder and a scum-class sex Spa called the Yellowstone Lodge run by Burkle, Girardi and Harry Reid and patronized by Gloria Allred, Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris and many more and so much more…

200 Years after Chief Justice Marshall of the Supreme Court of the USA 1824; said the words below: It is difficult to see how he wouldn’t be laughed at by every lawyer in California just for saying this:

“The profession of an Attorney is of great importance to an individual, and the prosperity of his whole life may depend on its
exercise. The right to exercise it ought not to be lightly or capriciously taken from him.” 22 U.S. 529, 530, 6 L. Ed. 152 (1824)
A century later, the U.S. Supreme Court returned to these principles in denying reciprocal discipline in the case of In re Ruffalo, 390 U.S. 544 (1968).

America’s Law Maker Chief Justice Marshall

The California State Legislature is very broken and very corrupt. Little is being said or done. If Alarm bells don’t get rung it will continue to fester and impact all Californians and soon the entire United States will be corrupted beyond repair. America the Beautiful will be completely gone. Yes it actually existed once upon a time. The greatest idea based on values long forgo0tten.

Imagine the disgraced Attorney Thomas V Girardi openly collaborating with Billionaire Ron Burkle, and Senator Harry Reid, a man publicly known as “The Mob’s Politician,” now deceased…

All three men manipulated the California Judiciary at every level for decades. From the choices of Justices on the Supreme Court all the way down to the lowliest clerk at the Sherrif’s Office or all the way up again to the head of State Bar of California, Joseph Dunn.

Dunn was recently sidelined after a series of scandals linked to Girardi and Ron Burkle’s scams run between Ron, Tom and former LA County Police Chief Leroy Baca.

The Girardi Gang operated a massive laundering operation even topping the list as Governor Gavin Newsom’s biggest financial contributor. Until Chief Leroy Baca was arrested.

Lee Baca just finished a three-year sentence for lying to the FBI regarding the corruption of the operation, he ran out of his Downtown LA Sherrif’s Office.

Sherrif’s Deputy Paul Tanaka just went down for five years. See if he squeals to the Feds.

My Teams’ investigations went so deep that even former Attorney General of the State of California Kamala Harris is tainted. Very phreaking tainted.  Sample of the evidence against this lady is right here.

So wake up America and demand accountability of your Legislature before Gotham becomes a quaint idea.





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