The Chinese Communist Party has corrupted the Supreme Court Of California through a complex network of Extortion, Money Laundering from Chinese Communist Gambling Operations in Macau, China and Mongolia. Racketeering, Fraud on the Court, Obstruction of Justice, Defamation with Intent to Defraud, Trafficking Court Cases & Financial Orders of the Court

Supreme Court Justices at Center of Scandal Mariano Florentino Cuellar, Carol A. Corrigan, Godwin H. Liu, Leondra R. Kruger, Kathryn M. Werdegar, Tani G. Cantil-Sakauye, Ming W. Chin

This statement touches on the key points of the syndicate and will parallel our own personal experiences with this Syndicate.
Senator Harry Reid (The Mobs Politician) / Worked with Attorney Thomas V Girardi who is embroiled in many Scandals but particularly one, the Supreme Court of California and its corruption by the use of laundered Chinese Communist owned Casino money.

Laundered in Mainland China and returned to the United States through a small group of fund managers who are responsible for distributing over $130 BILLION US DOLLARS of stolen and illicit funds, the majority of which passed through the hands of one Raymond Jallow Esq. of Beverly Hills Calif. The funds have been traced to multiple bank accounts belonging to many well known Individuals and Corporations.

There has been much discussion in the media that the State Bar was affected by Girardi’s corruption and gloss over the fact that the State Bar is an extension of the Supreme Court of California itself. That no major decisions would ever be made without the total knowledge of the current Justices and Gavin Newsom.

Our investigations of Girardi led to Harry Reid which led to the financing of Rep Adam Schiff’s political career. Funding of Schiff’s Political Career, as well as that of California’s Governor Gavin Newsom’s political career, came directly from Girardi and Reid’s Scams.

Gloria Allred is Tom Girardi’s alter in many transactions and Adam Schiff still runs an illegal WIretapping service that was moved from ex-Sheriff Baca’s offices, to University California at Irvine Campus which is abused by Schiff Girardi et al to extract personal information from your Mobile Devices and at Home Computers.

For many years the Sheriff’s office was constantly getting in trouble with lawsuits and sorts of legal drama. So much so that they hired one of California’s largest White Collar Crime law firm called Jones Day, where the City and Tax Payers of Los Angeles paid lawyers like Yolanda Orozco $5000 an hour often billing 24 hours in a day!

Another Girardi Judge that is also active on the Superior Court Bench is Judge Michelle Court. Originally Judge Court went to Allred because she was being beaten by her husband. This would never have allowed her inclusion on the Superior Court bench.

At that meeting Michelle Court met Tom Girardi and got fast-tracked through the Girardi’s network of State Bar Associations and Supreme Court Justices such as Chief Justice George. who has been “retired”

Many other corrupted officials including the Supreme Court of California were compromised by Reid and Girardi’s Spa and resort hotel in Montana

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