Top Gear has announced that Chris Evans will take over from the legendary trio consisting of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond.

The TV and Radio personality has got a lot to live up to with after the success his predecessors had until Clarkson attacked a guy ‘cause he was hungry.

The fact that show is watched by 350 million people worldwide also adds to the pressure, but Evans seems excited as he calls the show “his favourite”.

A few months ago his tone was completely different, when asked about being the next host he said: “I’m flattered that others seem to think my involvement would be a good idea. But they’re hugely misguided. I also happen to think I actually wouldn’t be very good at it.”

In the biggest U-turn in Tv history, Evans has now changed his mind.

Apparently, Clarkson has been one of the first to congtratulate him, saying: “I knew you would and best of luck”

Whilst a text from Hammond read: “You were designed and built for that job and it will be great. It was also always the BBC’s very best option if you take it up, and I certainly don’t blame you for doing so. Good luck. Richard.”

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