You gotta hand it to Lady Gaga – the girl knows the value of a dollar.

According to latest reports on Eurosport, the Born This Way singer was paid around $2million (£1.3million) for a live set that lasted around ten minutes at the opening ceremony of the European Games at Baku in the oil-rich state of Azerbaijan.

Nice work if you can get it. Meanwhile on an unconnected note, the 29-year-old star has been posting some interesting images on social media!

One photo shows Gaga flipping the bird on Twitter. Wow that middle finger looks so classy – and we just love the fish.



Here’s an interesting thought. Sir Paul McCartney was paid the princely sum of £1 for opening the 2012 Olympics in London. Who’s better value: Macca for a less than dollar or Lady Gaga for $2million? You decide.

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