Ginger Clam has enjoyed some heart-stopping moments (usually with David Hasselhoff between her legs), but this little adventure is on a whole new level.

Shoppers on an escalator in a Canadian mall were rather shocked when their journey was met with a motorbike speeding down the other side.

In what looks like a scene from a Hollywood movie, a police chase moved from the roads into a shopping centre. As you can see, chaos ensued.

Police in Calgary were called to the neighbourhood of Guildford at 2 p.m. to investigate reports of a motorcycle being driven in a wild manner.

When officers approached the wacky biker he decided not to stop, instead he rampaged into the Guildford Town Centre Mall. The slick mover sped his bike down an escalator before successfully fleeing the scene, shooting east towards the city of Langley.

Police are still combing through the CCTV footage and interviewing witnesses as they try to find the mysterious lunatic.

This has to be the best police chase since OJ went nuts through LA. However, not even Simpson was loopy enough to speed through a shopping precinct.

Incredibly, nobody was injured during the rampage.

We aren’t sure why, but for some reason the whole incident has made Ginger Clam incredibly horny.

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