Apparently it’s hard making babies – even when you’ve got a monster-sized butt and you’re married to a red hot super-hunk like Kanye West.

Poor old Kim Kardashian has been pouring out her heart on a chat-show in the UK ahead of her guest appearance at the Brit Awards, telling host Lorraine Kelly:

“This season (of Keeping Up With The Kardashians) you follow my journey trying to get pregnant for the second time which has not proved as easy as the first time.”

Luckily, Kim also confides that Kanye is “very hands-on” about fatherhood and that the couple are “working on it.” (Phew!)

Let’s hope that at the grand old age of 34, Kim’s biological clock isn’t starting to tick a little bit slow. Meanwhile, her younger sister Khloe, 30, joined her on the show and said that she is always ready to defend her siblings.

“I’m definitely maternal over them and very protective. I always say I am like the mother lion and they are my cubs,” she gushes.

Pass the sick bucket, Lorraine – we think were gonna honk!

* You can keep up with celebrity news and entertainment from The Brits at, where there are hundreds of free web TV channels to choose from, including FilmOn TV Live (playing below).

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