Ginger Clam is happy to share news that will liven up your Saturday, ‘the world’s ugliest women’ is set to release a major new film. Britney Spears, sorry, Lizzie Velasquez has made an astonishing movie that everyone should see.

Velasquez has Marfan syndrome and lipodystrophy – which means she is unable to gain weight, no matter how much she eats. Oprah Winfrey presumably has the opposite version of the condition.

Having documented her remarkable life on camera, Velasquez is now set to unveil the movie today at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

The brave lady has led an incredible life that makes Ginger Clam feel very proud. Weighing in at just 60lbs (27kg), Velasquez has no sight in her right eye and is visually impaired in the other. She has also undergone years of ear surgery, foot surgery, bone density tests, and a myriad of tests. Her full condition was only diagnosed last year.

The documentary was inspired from a horrific incident when Velasquez was just 17 years old. She came across a YouTube video called “The World’s Ugliest Woman”. She was astonished to see it featured herself. A ten-second clip that had been watched over four million times.

“I was shocked,” Velasquez told the BBC, “but it wasn’t until I started to read the comments that my stomach really sank.”

“I cried for many nights – as a teenager I thought my life was over,” she says. “I couldn’t bring myself to talk to anybody about it, I didn’t tell any of my friends, I was just so shocked that it had happened.”

Velasquez credits her successful life to her loving parents who have made sure she led as normal a life as possible.

Head to and check out ‘A Brave Heart: The Lizzie Velasquez Story’, we wish her every success.

Meanwhile, Alice Cooper has launched a new supergroup called the Hollywood Vampires. Superstars Joe Perry and Johnny Depp have been confirmed as members. It all sounds more exciting than chocolate pants.

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