The awkward moment when you think you’ve done a cracking job only to be told you’ve completely f***ed it up!

An apprentice was sounding pretty chuffed after installing his first ever toilet, when asked if he was happy with his days work, the boy said: “Aye. It’s f*****g not bad.”

But when his boss came back to check on his little grasshopper he noticed he’d made a vital mistake… In a hilarious exchange he said: “You wouldn’t do me a favour? Close that door there for me.”

In a moment of pure frustration the apprentice replied: “AH FOR F**K’S SAKE” and dropped to his knees. Poor dude!

Thankfully his boss found it just as funny as we did and filmed the whole thing, which has only recently gone viral racking up over 1.6 million views!

Safe to say he won’t be making that crappy mistake again!

*Watch the video below and in the meantime visit where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from that you can watch via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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