Crikey mate, we’ve got a couple of wild ones here!

In case you missed it a group of mischievous little pranksters thought it would be hilarious to play off two Australians at the same time … and they were right, even Bart Simpson could learn a thing or two.

The jokers dialled two separate numbers and placed the phones together allowing the hot headed dudes to get acquainted.

The fiery exchange in the video below is priceless, here’s a quick teaser:
One victim said: “Get fucked you’re the one that’s ringing me you fuckwit” Whist we’re still trying to work out what ‘fuckwit’ means, the other dude replied with: “you rung me you fucking imbecile!”

A Daily Mirror reader said: “This escalated so fast!!!! Within a single 1 minute and 30 seconds they were ready to fight to the death.”

Let’s just hope these nutters don’t bump into each other!

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