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A recent filing in a California District court is the source of our A-Hole of the Week Award which goes to… Mr. Patrick Sechrist!

He calls himself President Pat of Aedifex Global Industries but it seems to be a one man con shop with nothing but a “coming soon” landing page. According to entertainment industry sources, Sechrist allegedly creates fake invoices from reputable companies such as Barco at amazingly discounted prices then resells them.  It’s funny really, it’s been well documented that he started his entire career with one lie. The Indianapolis Star wrote that when he started his first job he lied about this age. He said he was 25 when he was only 18.

Of course Barco never issued these invoices. He charges AV companies just enough to make it inconvenient to sue him. Our reporters have uncovered several instances that have been reported where Patty boy has allegedly conned companies out of sums between $20,000 and $80,000. Further reports on these cases will be published in coming days.  Everything is “coming soon” with Sechrist. He recently married some poor unsuspecting woman but probably still lives in his parents basement since he’s using his family business Business Media Group in Indianapolis as a reference.  We’re sure George Sechrist and beautiful wife Jill Sechrist won’t be too excited when the  management company is dragged down by this dark sheep’s mendacity.  Possibly to bankruptcy.

A TV Mix word of advice: when a company name seems to be deliberately copying the name of a really famous company–they are probably doing it for a reason, to fool you into trusting them.  Aedifix Global Industries has nothing to do with the upstanding construction company Aedifix, Inc. Likewise, BMG Events Productions has nothing to do with globally revered Bertelsmann Music Group, currently riding a major hit by Janet Jackson. Hmmmm, maybe old man Sechrist is in on his son’s schemes?

Advice for Sechrist? Stop stealing and get an honest career. We’ve seen what happens to (financially!) to those who steal from the people you are F-ing with, and its not pretty.

Congratulations on your award A-Hole.

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