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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has either solidified his run for president in 2016 or completely destroyed all hopes of ever seeing the inside of any executive office again with the #Bridgegate scandal.

For those who don’t know, the story breaks down like this: Christie and his team wanted to punish Mark Sokolich, Democratic mayor of Fort Lee, NJ, by closing down certain lanes of the George Washington Bridge. This lame stunt created heavy traffic jams between New Jersey and New York, along with creating a major headache for Mayor Sokolich, who had not endorsed Christie’s re-election bid.

The jams took place during early September, including on the first day of school and also may have led to the death of a 91-year-old woman as emergency responders had a difficult time responding to calls, according to

Christie has received possibly the largest amount of backlash of his cantankerous career and most is finding its way onto Twitter..

The entire scandal has brought us many things, first and most importantly, the fat jokes.

Then the debate over which hashtag to use.

  The painful irony.

The acknowledgement that New Jersey needs to step it up on its scandals.

Along with the unbearably long press conference addressing a traffic jam.

A happy Hillary.

And finally the shock of how much toll costs to get over the GWBridge in the first place.

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