Internet joker Roman Atwood likes to do things in style – even when the victim of his latest prank is his own grandmother.

In his new viral video, Atwood persuaded his kind-hearted grandma to lend him her beloved car, which had been in the family for years.

She thought it was being filmed for a reality show while his pals fired a volley of shots nearby. In fact they let rip with Rambo-style salvo of bullets that caused the vehicle to burst into flames.

Not surprisingly, his grandma was pretty pissed off – but every cloud has a silver lining. What she didn’t know was that he’d switched the car for a dummy vehicle.

The original car was un-damaged and just to show there were no hard feelings Roman also bought her a brand-spanking new 2015 model, which resulted in her weeping tears of joy.

Watch the YouTube video below and enjoy – but just don’t ever let Ramon get too close to your own grandma!

* You can watch more great footage at, the social site where there are thousands of great clips to choose from.

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