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Megastar Akon, American born and raised in Sengal, is the headliner at a truly historic concert at Goma Interational Airport in the Democratic Republic of Congo today. The concert, with a big assist from actor Jude Law, celebrates he U.N. backed Peace One Day movement–a push for a global ceasefire in all conflicts–and the only way to watch it free while giving back instantly is FilmOn Network’s new platform

“This easy way to donate is a big part of why I built ETV,” says Greek billionaire Alki David, CEO of FilmOn Networks. “We’re developing culture of openess, respect and giving–in contrast to existing corporate pay-per-view systems.”

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The concert is the brainchild of Jeremy Gilley, the British actor, who is working with the United Nations, Unicef and other organizations to designate Peace One Day as a universal cease fire day—a global respite from all conflict. Peace One Day has in past years been effective in Afghanistan—where even the Taliban agreed to participate. This year Peace One Day is focusing on the Democratic Republic of Congo and the Great Lakes region of Africa.

The event on Sunday will draw 50,000 people to Goma Airport and in addition to 5 time Grammy nominee Akon the concert will feature an appearance by major supporter Law, and African musicians Lexxus Legal, Dety Darba, Sango’a, Mzee Mbukulu and host, Ayden. The concert will broadcast free live via FilmOn Network’s new platform at noon in the UK, and at 7am Eastern Daylight Time in the U.S. All tips will go to Peace One Day. Sign up to watch at

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“Peace One Day is one of the most inspiring projects in the world today, and Akon–who has true global creditability–is the best possible artist to celebrate this cause ,” says David. “And it’s exactly why I created ETV—to bring people around the world together, leveraging FilmOn Network’s 40 million monthly users, interacting with the artists they love and raising money for both creative and charitable projects that make a difference. ”

Sign up to watch the Peace One Day Celebration 2014 live for free here.

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