It’s heartening to know that even the strongest of marriages can occasionally encounter the odd turd in the salad.

According to In Touch magazine, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were recently involved in a ‘nasty altercation’ on a hotel balcony – during which the couple appeared have a furious argument.

Now Angelina has said pals tried to warn her that acting alongside her own husband in By The Sea (a movie about a couple with marriage troubles) might not be such a good idea.

She told the Today Show: “We did a drama about a bad marriage. A lot of friends of ours thought is was a really … they didn’t say a bad idea … but they asked us a few times if we were sure we wanted to do it.”

But before you start writing off the marriage, Ginger Clam would like to draw your attention to Angelina’s recent interview with Channel 4 News – in which she makes it clear that she and Brad are still loved-up in a major way.

Which means the so-called balcony bust-up (during which the couple were apparently also seen hugging) must have been a storm in teacup. Nothing more than a turd in the salad, in fact.

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You can see the balcony photos of Brad and Ang at Mail Online.

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* If you are wondering who the cute cartoon character is on our photo of Angelina, it’s Ginger Clam – TV Mix’s celebrity and social media columnist.


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