Man versus beast is one of the world’s most ancient battles.

These days we automatically tend to assume that humankind comes out on top – but not according to a crazy viral video that’s recently been enjoying a resurgence on social media.

The footage is enticingly titled ‘Extreme Animal Attacks On Humans’ and it’s not for the faint-hearted. It shows a shocking series of nasty encounters with nature, including a crazed camel trampling the shit out of a crowd and an alligator destroying the front of an SUV.

Then there’s the two dudes who are forced to run for their lives from an angry elephant, plus graphic examples of what can happen if a f***wit decides to put his hand inside the mouth of a crocodile or a shark.

The video first surfaced last year but is back in the news after going viral again on social media sites.

Just don’t try this shit at home.

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