It’s bad enough calling in sick when you feel fine but when you’re just brutally honest about taking a sneaky day off, that takes huge balls!

A Canadian prankster who went by the name of Jordan for this gag, called a random company up to tell them he wasn’t coming in despite not even working there!

He got through to an assistant manager who totally believed Jordan was an employee- the exchange between the two is priceless:

Jordan: “I just started there last week and um it’s like really nice and stuff and some of the boys are going out fishing tomorrow, so I’m not gonna be able to make it in for my shift.”

Manager: “It’s not a good enough legitimate reason to miss work … as far as our policy goes that’s probably a discipline

Jordan: “Well I’m not actually sick … I don’t wanna give up the job because it’s good bread for me … what would be a good excuse? Can you just write something down for me?” Unsurprisingly this didn’t go down well.

The gullible chick was getting increasingly worked up and demanded Jordan came into work, stating this wasn’t the best first impression, to which Jordan bounced back with:

“I look good I just don’t sound good … oh no I’ve met you before, I didn’t know you were a manager. You don’t remember me?”

We’d love to know when the penny finally dropped for the poor broad!

* Watch the hilarious video below, how does this dude keep a straight face?! Meanwhile head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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