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Believe it or not fanboys, it’s okay to love CW’s Arrow. Even if you’re not a 15-year-old-girl killing time before her first period, it’s okay to curl up in sweatpants and turn off your phone for a whole hour every Wednesday at 8 p.m.

It’s okay because everyone else is doing it too.

Thanks to your secret nerd-boner-Wednesday-nights spent tuned into Arrow, CW has seen the best ratings in three years. Season 1 debuted to 4 million viewers, while Season 2 did 2.68 million. With the second half of season 2 returning this week, it’s time to come out of the Arrow closet. There is strength in numbers, so why not ban together and build a community of DC Comics lifelong loyalists who also happen to be fans of CW show and its star Stephen Arnell? Don’t be shamed into thinking that you can only be one or the other. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Many of you may be experiencing bouts of confusion, questioning who you are and what kind of comic book nerd you really are for liking a TV show on a network known for programming like Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and other shows you wouldn’t be caught dead watching. You’re thinking, “That’s some teen girl shit. I’m not a teen girl. What do they know about DC Comics?”

The answer is: everything.

Think about it. The geniuses at CW have accomplished the impossible: getting fanboys to like a TV adaptation of their beloved comic book heroes on a network they wouldn’t want to be caught dead watching. But being open about your devoted Arrow viewership doesn’t have to be humiliating. You’re not a puppet controlled by “The Man.” In fact, you’re in the captain’s chair. CW needs more DC Comics loyalists like you to legitimize their show.

So go ahead. When Arrow airs all-new this Wednesday, wave your freak flag for all to see and #Arrow all over yourself.

Miss Lydia is a freelance writer based out of coffee shops with overpriced organic lattés in Los Angeles. She specializes in nerd culture and awkward pickup lines. Follow her on Twitter (@somisslydia) for your daily dose of sassmouth.



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