If ever there was a reminder that some Hollywood stars need to take themselves less seriously then it’s a great series of viral videos that mock The Hunger Games.

Crazy video-creators A Bad Lip Reading have had millions of YouTube users in hysterics by adding their own voiceovers to famous clips from the movie franchise, which stars Jennifer Lawrence.

Watch as they make America’s sweetheart come out with gibberish lines such as “I get the squirts, you know, when you make fudge puddles” or “every night I want you to hold Marvin the Cat.”

Our favourite is a clip they recreated for an earlier movie (below), but you can see their latest version at the bottom of the page.

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Meanwhile Jennifer can now add being a pop star to her CV

The 24-year-old has recorded a shaky soundtrack single for the latest Hunger Games film, although US weekly reported she is Number 12 in the charts at the moment.

Here Ginger Clam HQ we don’t think she should challenge Mariah Carey to a sing-off any time soon.

And of course ‘A Bad lip Reading’ have done a new rework in honour of the latest movies release check it out below:

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