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Remember that guy who agreed to be locked in a box for a month at the behest of Greek billionaire Alki David? That  played itself out with some of the most demented, debased dares ever devised by mankind and finally ended with the kind of mayhem that involved naked men fleeing the Beverly Hills studios of FilmOn Networks screaming into the night–oh and a visit from the BHPD.

Well now Cavacho is back but this time things are a little different.

In case you forgot (we’re not sure how you could) Cavacho tapped out after five hours of being in the box when he was denied a nicotine patch and having water thrown at him by a couple of other BattleCam users. Cavacho kicked his way out of the box, in an impressive feat by our standards but not so much according to the police who were called after Cavacho began running amok in Beverly Hills wearing just his underwear. The event went on when Bong Rip and other top Battlecamers arrived to fill in the breach.

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No box is involved this time but Cavacho, still as intense and fearless as ever, has gotten a few tattoos since the drama unfolded last November. Two on his hand say “Property of Alki David.”. The tattoo on the back of Cavacho’s hand has a Q code accompanying the text. Cavacho also has G and D on his buttocks so when he bends over his anus interrupts and  spells out GOD. SUE is tattooed on his small of his back.

Cavacho’s fame has spread so far he even has an entry in the Urban Dictionary: “Cavacho is a vile human being also known as The Human Trashcan.”

Originally, Cavacho wanted David’s name on the small of his back, but was convinced otherwise. Sue is the name of the woman who is his caregiver, who he has also proposed to and will soon be married to  via Skype by David.

Watch the tattoo session:

David was ordained to marry people earlier this year and recently performed the ceremony for Battlecam star Crazy Boy (who won fame on the channel when he lit himself on fire for cameras.)David wore a speedo (showing off an oddly shaped package), and the whole things was broadcast live over Battlecam and on FilmOn Networks.

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