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Young and reckless Justin Bieber is making headlines again, following his Miami arrest for driving under the influence and drag racing. The 19-year-old failed a field sobriety test and police confirmed he had alcohol and marijuana in his system before driving a rented Lamborghini.

The pop star is being charged with resisting arrest and had been driving without a valid license at the time of arrest.

All of this is on the heels of Bieber egging a neighbor’s house, which is apparently the new mark of a true bad boy, according to fans and gossip sites.

Despite the standard six-month license suspension for DUI and one-year suspension for drag racing, we’re pretty sure Bieber will be let off easy, even if only due to his massive fortune that all bad boy musicians rely on to keep them out of jail.

Until we find out what lies in store for the young singer, there’s always Twitter feedback to keep us amused.

So far every news source is having a field day with Bieber’s arrest.

But some people aren’t as surprised as others.

We can’t wait for this either.

And we kind of miss the old Justin too.

There comes a time in every young musicians life where he reaches “bad boy” status.

Bieber might be following in the footsteps of current Mayor Rob Ford

There has to be some kind of vaccine…

It’s all a bunch of laughs until someone goes to rehab.

And in other pop star news…

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