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Rising YouTube sensation Bethany Mota has 6 million subscribers to her channel, almost 2 million followers on Twitter and almost 3 million on Instagram, and every single one of them loves her.

The 18-year-old started making “haul videos” on the internet of her most recent shopping trip finds when she was 13. Through her quirky, nerdy habits that are totally endearing, she now has more than 6 million “besties” as she calls them, and according to her fans they are most definitely best friends.

We took a look at what her admirers had to say about the fashion star on Twitter, and while it’s all very positive we’ve become slightly concerned that Mota will quickly accumulate a long list of restraining orders.

Fans pray for her to follow them.

And when she does…

We like her too, but this is a little much.



Will a Bethany Mota bracelet from her clothing line last some 60+ years?

This is something we can maybe agree with.

Oh, and don’t even get fans started on being a “motavator.”


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