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The pop darlings in One Direction are under fire for plagiarizing a special effect used in their music video for the song “You And I.”

Australian production company, Oh Yeah Wow, is taking a stand against the band and the video’s director, Ben Winston, for using an effect seen in Aussie act, Clubfeet’s, music video for their song, “Everything You Wanted.”

The VFX in question is seen throughout Clubfeet’s video. A band member is “frozen” on screen while they walk towards their own frozen image. They then merge with the image and continue moving, just to do the same thing again later in the clip. This effect doesn’t come in until 2:45 on the 1D video, but we’re going to go ahead and say it’s the exact same thing.

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Oh Yeah Wow has taken to social media to call out the band on their use of the effect, while fans have also taken to the internet to voice their varying opinions. Some Directioners remain loyal, while others see the stark similarity between the two videos.

So far there has been no word from the band, but according to The Australian, Oh Yeah Wow’s Seamus Spilsbury said, “We haven’t heard any word from the band … we have had a few emails from fans though, some voicing their anger and others that are supporting us. The One Direction fans sure are a passionate bunch!”

We always said those teeny-boppers were the ones to watch out for.

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It’s worth noting that the small Aussie company won a J Award for their work on the Clubfeet video, a distinguishing honor Down Under, as the J Awards were created to celebrate outstanding talent in the Australian music scene.

Oh Yeah Wow is tired of seeing plagiarism become so widely accepted, and said in a blog post, “Considering the sleep deprivation one must endure to create an original piece with practically no budget, you can start to understand the annoyance we might feel.”

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