Ginger Clam has seen some pretty surreal things in her time (David Hasselhoff castrating a polar bear with a spoon, Britney Spears doing a poo underwater, Cher’s face etc.), but this little baby takes the biscuit…

Justin Bieber transforming into Ozzy Osbourne! No joke! viewers were left stunned yesterday when little bonsai Bieber hit the Lip Sync Battle arena and morphed into his favourite rock star.

This was no small effort. Bieber donned the wig, round glasses, black nail polish, make-up – the full Ozzy. Even better than that, the little pre-pubescent fartknocker managed to end the stunning impersonation by biting the head off of a ‘bat’ filled with ‘blood’!!!!

Who’d have thought it? Bieber has balls!

“It’s real blood,” the popster mischievously said after the incident.

JB was facing off against Deion Sanders in the Lip Sync Battle. His rival battled Bieber with an interpretation of Madonna’s ‘Like a Virgin’. However, Sanders had nothing on our little fake Ozzy.

Does this extraordinary incident mean that Bieber will transform into a rock star for real? Ginger Clam would welcome the move, biting bats is surely better than biting Selena Gomez?

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