Never underestimate the power of Bieber’s bottom, that’s the first lesson that Ginger Clam has learned in 2016.

As little Justy looks forward to entering puberty it seems the fartknocker has got over-excited, letting his naked ass run riot in ancient Mexican ruins.

The star was reportedly kicked out of Mayan archaeological site Tulum for pulling his pants down and revealing the famous Bieber buttocks.

Justin Bieber is up to his old tricks, this time it is in Mexico. You remember him, the man-child who seems to believe rules were meant for everyone else but not him? While in Mexico he allegedly was kicked out of the Mayan ruins for breaking a few rules.

Twitter – Justin Bieber snapped in Mexico

“I can confirm to you that Mr. Bieber was kicked out of the Tulum archaeological site yesterday,” Adriana Velazquez-Morlet, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History informed Entertainment Tonight. “He and his mates pulled his pants down and insulted our staff at the site.”

“We have a very strict policy of conservation and respect of the Mexican cultural heritage that applies equally to all our visitors, whether or not they’re famous,” Velazquez-Morlet added.

Velazquez-Morlet went on to say that the police were called after Bieber refused to come down from one of the ruins. An angry exchange reportedly happened between the star’s security and the site guards. Then Bieber and his boys were escorted from the area. Naughty little scamps.

Ginger Clam plans to spank him for hours on his return to the US.

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