Ginger Clam’s least fave pop devil, Chris ‘it wasn’t me’ Brown is facing yet more horrible accusations from an angry female.

Las Vegas police confirm that they were contacted yesterday morning over an allegation of battery. The alleged incident took place at the Palms Casino resort.

Brown hit back at the claims, his publicist labelling the woman’s version of events as “unequivocally untrue”.

The fact that Brown has already been prosecuted for physically attacking pop star Rihanna is not going to help his case. Or the fact that he regularly acts like a royal ballbag.

A crime report listing Brown for misdemeanour theft and misdemeanour battery has been taken.

The official police statement details an altercation taking place when a woman went to take a photograph of the pop star, she claims she was struck by him before he took her mobile phone.

Brown had performed live in Vegas on Friday night at a regular nightclub residency.

Ginger Clam hopes that the new allegations are false, Brown has committed enough crimes recently with his latest ear-bleeding music releases.

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