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Ever been scared of the Moon before? No? Well, now you probably have, as a lunar eclipse that took place last night turned it a distinctly foreboding shade of blood red. Somewhat unsurprisingly, certain purveyors of fear have been calling it the dawn of the apocalypse.

Actually, the #bloodmoon has very little to do with the four horsemen, and instead occurs when the Earth’s shadow passes over the Moon and it’s set to happen a further three times over the next two years, after which another tetrad of lunar eclipses will not take place again until 2032, when we are all really old or dead.

The total lunar eclipse took place over three hours as the Moon moved into the Earth’s shadow and was seen across most of North America, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Now, don’t fret: if you’re worried about the fact that the moon just turned blood red in color, nobody could blame you, but the blood-like-ness of the moon has nothing to do with actual blood. What actually happens is that the Earth blocks all direct sunlight from reflecting off the Moon’s surface, so that the light passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, turning it blood-colored.

Anyway, the whole event proved pretty awe-inspiring in a “we are so small and insignificant” kind of way, prompting numerous famous people to stop and stare at the sky for a while, before producing some hashtagged comments in the Twittersphere as follows:

Kat Dennings went namedropp-y:

While others saw the chance to make references:

Wil Wheaton went profound:

While Billy Eichner just got confused/made a bad joke?:

Millie Thrasher went trivial:

One eclipse down, three more to go.

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