Millicent Phillips became a YouTube sensation this week after older brothers Cabot, Hudson and Barrett played a hilarious prank on her.

After Millicent was high on medication following an operation removing her wisdom teeth, her opportunist bros convinced her there was a zombie apocalypse going on!

The best part of the prank is the girls reaction to the peculiar questions being asked- especially when she was faced with the dilemma of what pet to save.

She assertively said: “THE CAT, YOU IDIOT! (Talking about her dog) He’s the worst, he’s already dying. Leave him, get the cat!” The dog may not be dead yet but it’s safe to say their relationship is.

The brother’s informed their sister that the family were fleeing to Mexico and planned to get by on her Spanish, her response to whether she remembered anything from her school years was priceless: “I can say pants…” Her language teacher must be exploding with joy.

The confusion continued when the car was being filled with gardening equipment and more so when she was presented with a trash picker to use as a weapon against the Zombies, a distressed Millicent shouted: “We have guns, why are you putting garden equipment in the car … get me a knife!”

After driving round for 5 minutes she was finally informed of the prank but was still so drugged up she didn’t seem to give a shit.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Cabot said: “She took it in stride and just wanted to sleep once she realized that she wasn’t going to be eaten by any zombies.”

Apparently Millicent is a wicked prankster herself but she’s gonna have to pull out the big guns to top this- good luck!

* Watch the video below and if you love crazy shit like this head to, the anti-social network where there are thousands of great videos, plus live interactive TV.

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