Now that’s one hell of a tumble!

Female skier of the year Angel Collinson, 24, recently survived the most terrifying crash after falling 1000ft down an Alaskan mountain.

What’s even more incredible is that she was barely even hurt! No wonder this has gone viral, what is this chick made of?!

The intense footage below will leave you in complete shock, mostly because by the end of the dramatic accident she says: “I’m OK, I’m OK.” God’s looking out for this special angel!

The independent have since quoted the champ saying:

“I got real lucky and jammed two fingers, that was it, and lost everything out of my pack because it opened up and everything flew out – but other than that I was totally fine.”

Never mind the lost goods, what a story to tell the grand kids!

*Watch the astonishing clip below and in the meantime visit where there are hundreds of free TV channels to choose from that you can watch via desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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